Buying hardwood flooring on the world wide web offers many benefits as opposed to buying from traditional retail stores. The biggest portion of your savings of buying online is the tremendous savings the customer receives because of online retailers’ lower total overhead costs. Your normal retail or box store requires monthly constant costs of operation (mortgage/rent, salary, electric, phones, etc.) to maintain their business and they forward those costs inevitably to you the customer. Online retailers have much fewer overhead costs if any at all, and in turn those savings are passed on to our customers with reduced prices of our hardwood flooring products. Hardwood Floor Depot provides you the hardwood flooring and accessories of equal quality or better without the additional costs that brick and mortar, retail stores will up charge you. Additionally, the overall overhead the relates to your traditional retail stores requires you pay state sales tax. When shopping online, out of state purchases do not have sales tax, thus giving even greater savings we pass on to our customers.

By purchasing hardwood flooring from Hardwood Floor Depot, your flooring shipments are delivered straight to your door or local terminal by LTL Shipping. LTL Shipping Companies, “Less Than Truckload”, give us reduced shipping costs by combining other shipping products, decreasing handling costs as well as lessening the possibly of damage while shipping. Hardwood Floor Depot works with 13 different LTL Shipping Companies shipping approximately 20,000-30,000sf of material each week. This amount of material shipped along with having our 13 Shipping Companies bid against each other, ends up netting us between a 90-92% discount on shipping costs which we pass on to our customers. Lastly, we offer shipping to either your Residential Location (where you project is located) or we find you a Local Terminal close to you where you can pick it up at an even more discounted price!

Online retailers including Hardwood Floor Depot are becoming the preferred choice of consumers for of any kind of hardwood flooring you need for your current project. Estimates that business to business ecommerce sales in the US will top $1.18 trillion by 2021. For perspective, the B2C ecommerce market in the US was $304.9 billion in 2014, in accordance to the US DOC.

By buying your hardwood flooring online with Hardwood Floor Depot, your new wood floors are delivered from the mill to your door, avoiding the typical product markup of the vendor, then by your traditional retailer, and even your installer in some cases, that may markup your hardwood flooring even more before it ever reaches your home. Thus, purchasing your hardwood flooring from Hardwood Floor Depot has many cost saving benefits that retail stores and distributors can’t compete when it comes to saving you money and keeping within your budget on your new project.

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Anthony Civitello