Maple Prefinished Engineered Smooth “Natural” Hardwood Flooring

$3.59 sq. ft.

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This Prefinished Engineered Maple “Natural” hardwood flooring has a smooth finish and is very consistent in color and grain throughout. The “Natural” finish has a light tan color showing Maple’s clean look. The flooring is a higher grade of Maple showing it to be mostly free of imperfections such as knots, minerals streaks, and provide an overall clean appearance. Our engineered hardwood flooring is prefinished with 7-Coats of Aluminum Oxide finish with a UV Cured Protectant for superior durability, scratch resistance, and protection from the sun’s solar UV rays. The UV Cure Protectant provides the support to not allow any color changes to your flooring. All our prefinished engineered flooring comes with a 25 Year Residential Warranty. The flooring includes a four-sided tongue and groove for ease of installation.

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Weight 2.27 lbs
Dimensions 84 × 42 × 42 ft