Red Oak Rustic Grade Prefinished Solid Hardwood Flooring

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Our Red Oak, Rustic Grade, is known to have a mix of #2 Common Grade and #3 Common/Utility Grade, within the Prefinished Solid Hardwood Material. This will include knots throughout the flooring with a small percentage that may be pocket or open hole. Also expect mineral streaks, a wide variation from board to board highlighting both the Heartwood and Sapwood known to be prominent in Red Oak.

The Rustic Grade is known to have a shorter average board length than our higher grades of Red Oak and may include some milling defects such as: splits, cracks, open knot holes, broken or missing tongues/grooves, and other natural and milling defects. The unusable percentage of this grade varies per order and is largely determined by the installers experience, the desired “Rustic” Natural look of the floor the customer is looking to achieve, as well as the customers budget.

Because of this, the product is sold “As-Is” with the customer recommended to use a higher waste factor (20-30%) when ordering.  Overall, our Red Oak Rustic Grade wood flooring offers a Substantial Savings with the final results delivering a beautiful floor with a natural rustic look.

The flooring is finished with multiple coats of Aluminum Oxide containing a UV Cure Protectant. It is packaged in 9″-7′ random lengths in protected cardboard boxes. Expect to have average lengths at almost 2′ in length. The flooring will have a 4-sided tongue and groove for easier installation.

Prefinished Red Oak Rustic Grade Hardwood Flooring has vast color variation with knots and mineral streaks flowing throughout giving a “Rustic” look to your floor. Finished with 11-Coats of Aluminum Oxide with a UV CURED Protectant. Each board is boxed with foam layers in between each board for protection. The flooring will have a 4-sided tongue and groove for easier installation. ** 20-30% Waste Factor is Recommended **

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Dimensions 84 × 42 × 42 ft

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